30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 6


Someone Who Fascinates You And Why

I feel like this is open to interpretation. I can not recall ever telling someone they fascinated me, or even having thought it. I’ve found lots of subjects fascinating, things like maths, psychology, micro expressions, and languages. Learning fascinates me. Too bad the prompt asks for a person.

So, after much thought, and as cheesy as this is, I’m forced to say my husband fascinates me. I know, the cutesy makes me throw up in my mouth a little too. He enjoys learning just as much as I do, but he’s by far much better at self-study than I am. Lucky for me, because then I can use him as a teacher when I want to learn about something he already knows. I have a hard time reading informational books and I prefer when things are explained to me, so it works out.


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