30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 7


What Tattoos You Have And If They Have Meaning

I don’t have any tattoos… yet. I hope to. My first one would probably have to be a penguin since I love getting penguin things. I also have this thing for skulls and skeletons, so chances are that I would get a skeleton penguin tattoo.

My next one would be a black cat. Black cats are my favourite. (Don’t tell my white fur baby that!)

After that, it would be something maths related. I’ll have to figure out my favourite equation once I get back into doing problems on my own for funsies. Obviously I’d have a library related one. The library is where my heart lies.

And then I’d get stuff from anime, movies and tv shows.The problem is, I don’t know where I’d put them all. I want to be able to hide them easily for when I’m at work, and also don’t want them somewhere that changes in my body would make them look bad. We’ll see how this goes.

Open to any ideas!


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