30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 5


A Place You Would Live, But Have Never Visited

So… I had someone convince me to continue doing these. False alarm!

I have never visited England, but I think I’d like to live there. There is so much history that I’d love to explore. There are also several actors and actresses I would like to see. I don’t need to meet them, just catch a glimpse from across the street. And let’s not forget attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, old castles, etc. All of this would take more time than a mere visit. I’d also much prefer their “chips” to the American “chips”. I could purchase the DVDs of QI, since they’re not available in America.

I feel like I half-assed this one. My excuse is being tired from working 9 hours today and packing this week for my move.


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