30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 4


Ten Interesting Facts About Yourself

This prompt is really difficult, as I don’t find myself very interesting. I could come up with 5 things were I hard pressed, but 10 is a bit much.

My first job was being a page in a public library when I was 16. Seven years later I moved up to part-time circ. I did that for two years, and then went back to paging for the four months I was back in my home state.

Despite my accounting degree and love of maths, I’ve known I wanted my career to be in the library field since I was in 9th grade. More impressive than interesting.

I know a little bit of Welsh. It was a self-taught thing. I knew more at one time, but since I don’t get to use it, I’ve forgotten most of what I knew. I plan on learning it again and using it more, even if it means having conversations in Welsh with myself.

I love bowling and often have to hold myself back from correcting people, as my father did with me. I have a difficult time bowling casually.

I’m a book hoarder. Sure, I enjoy reading, but I enjoy owning books even more.

I don’t like chocolate sauce. Chocolate bars, chocolate cake, and chocolate in cookies are fine, but I don’t like hot fudge on my ice cream, or the fudge drizzle on beverages.

I don’t eat frosting unless someone talks me into trying it and, by some miracle, it tastes ok.

I don’t add salt to my food. I also order my fries from McDonald’s with no salt. If I’m somewhere that has salt on their fries, I will wipe it off each one before eating it. There have been witnesses to this. We stopped using it in my house in 2008. Now when my parents and I go out to eat, most things taste too salty for us. My husband is trying to get me back into eating salt though.

I like my soda to be room temperature and mostly flat. If it’s room temperature, I can handle the fizz better, but if it’s chilled, the fizz has to be gone.

Like Scott Pilgrim with garlic bread, eggs are my favourite food. I could honestly eat them for every meal. Or just eat them all the time without even stopping. But then I’d get high cholesterol.

And that’s it. I hope y’all have more interesting facts about yourself than I do.

This is my last post of the challenge. It was fun while it lasted.


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