30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 2


Your Earliest Memory

My earliest memory is of me crying in someone’s arms. I think it was a woman’s arms. I assume it was either my mom or her mom. They were sitting in a chair that is no longer in my parents’ house. It was in the corner of the living room by the front door that is rarely ever used. I have no idea how old I was, but I assume younger than 1 year, based on the fact that I was cradled in a woman’s arms. I don’t know why I was crying, but I do remember gradually stopping and then blackness.

I’ll actually do my (I think) next earliest memory, in case this one doesn’t count for whatever reason. I was in the van of one of my preschool classmates. We were in the parking lot and he and I were being goofy. We eventually went to the same elementary, middle, and high schools, but we were not friends during any of that time. There was only being silly in the back seat of his mom’s van.


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