30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 1


Five Problems With Social Media

Interesting that this is the prompt for today because there was a skit on Prairie Home Companion that I heard while on my way to work that centered around this same topic. I don’t know if I can come up with five, but here we go.

This is possibly the most obvious one and also a huge pet peeve of mine. Ignoring the person right in front of you. Or beside you. Or wherever the real life person who is spending time with you is, but you are more interested in interacting with those whose face you can’t see, voice you can’t hear, and body language you can’t read. 

Bullying is much easier. Used to be that home was a place you could be away from your less than friendly schoolmates. I had been bullied almost every day in elementary school. This makes me grateful that we didn’t have internet at home until I was in high school. Not that I had friends that I would have added to Myspace (the Facebook of my high school days). I was a lone wolf until 6th grade.

The “like button”. I’ve fallen victim to this myself. If two or three of my friends like something I have posted, I’m a happy person. If no one likes something I’ve posted and it’s something I thought was really good, then it makes me question if people like me. I know I shouldn’t be basing my self worth on something so trivial. Then again, I didn’t have that high of self esteem to begin with.

Addiction. Yet another thing I sometimes struggle with. That urge to check your notifications constantly, or to see if one of your friends has posted something in the last 5 minutes. I admit, there are 4 friends who’s profiles I will search just to see if they’ve been active and what interesting things they’ve shared. This is why I will sometimes take a hiatus of a month or more so I can break the habit.

Lack of privacy. So many people are putting way too much personal information out there. Simple as that.

Ok, so that wasn’t as difficult as I’d thought it would be. What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading!


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