Lying In The Dark


Anya sat clutching her phone
She was shaking uncontrollably
That was supposed to be over
This was her friend after all

She looked back at the message
Her eyes must be tricking her
Why was he doing this again
Why did she let him get away with it

She read the words over and over
Was he doing this because he found out
But there was no way he knew about Cameron
She held that mistake close to herself

So why was he after Diane again
Anya regretted telling him of her
One more person for him to chase
At least Diane told her the truth


One thought on “Lying In The Dark

  1. This reply is not for this post. I saw your reply about having children and felt compelled to write. I am 50 without children. Due to my childhood I never wanted any, To afraid I would do the same to my kids. Some people aren’t cut out to be a mother. My mother is one of them. 🙂


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