Journal: The Importance of Being Easy


It all started because he had low self-esteem.
He didn’t know that he could say no.

For the first nineteen years of his life no one wanted him.
So when a girl gave him attention, he went as far as she wanted.

But what she wanted was fun, not stability
And he would wait anxiously for the next rendezvous.

Eventually she left him and another soon filled her place.
It was a more complicated version of what he just lost.

This one was even worse than the last girl.
She could be found with many between times with him.

Her promiscuity became too much for him.
This time he was the one to leave.

He wanted something more consistent
Like his original plan had been.

But he had been changed; ruined.
He could no longer handle a regular relationship.

At least he had gained the self-esteem he once lacked
Even if it meant he was now the one stringing partners along.

His experiences had trained him well.


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