BoS: Ready for Runes


This is me getting back on track with posting BoS entries.

I had planned to do a study on runes over the month of February but time got away from me. While watching Frozen on Saturday, I saw the writing was done in runes and it reminded me to do this.

It’s basically going to be me putting together everything I can find about each letter in one place. Please feel free to add whatever help you wish as I am new to this and am not sure how reliable my sources are. It is very important to me to learn what I can with as accurate of information as I can find. Runes have called to me since I was young; long before I understood what they were. I welcome whatever knowledge is offered. I’m going to write this series as though I am gearing it towards a first time learner.

Thank you all in advance. Please continue to bear with me while I intermittently write more journal entries. There are things I need to get off my chest to help dispel some built up negative energy.


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