30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 6


Someone Who Fascinates You And Why

I feel like this is open to interpretation. I can not recall ever telling someone they fascinated me, or even having thought it. I’ve found lots of subjects fascinating, things like maths, psychology, micro expressions, and languages. Learning fascinates me. Too bad the prompt asks for a person.

So, after much thought, and as cheesy as this is, I’m forced to say my husband fascinates me. I know, the cutesy makes me throw up in my mouth a little too. He enjoys learning just as much as I do, but he’s by far much better at self-study than I am. Lucky for me, because then I can use him as a teacher when I want to learn about something he already knows. I have a hard time reading informational books and I prefer when things are explained to me, so it works out.


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 7


What Tattoos You Have And If They Have Meaning

I don’t have any tattoos… yet. I hope to. My first one would probably have to be a penguin since I love getting penguin things. I also have this thing for skulls and skeletons, so chances are that I would get a skeleton penguin tattoo.

My next one would be a black cat. Black cats are my favourite. (Don’t tell my white fur baby that!)

After that, it would be something maths related. I’ll have to figure out my favourite equation once I get back into doing problems on my own for funsies. Obviously I’d have a library related one. The library is where my heart lies.

And then I’d get stuff from anime, movies and tv shows.The problem is, I don’t know where I’d put them all. I want to be able to hide them easily for when I’m at work, and also don’t want them somewhere that changes in my body would make them look bad. We’ll see how this goes.

Open to any ideas!

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 5


A Place You Would Live, But Have Never Visited

So… I had someone convince me to continue doing these. False alarm!

I have never visited England, but I think I’d like to live there. There is so much history that I’d love to explore. There are also several actors and actresses I would like to see. I don’t need to meet them, just catch a glimpse from across the street. And let’s not forget attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, old castles, etc. All of this would take more time than a mere visit. I’d also much prefer their “chips” to the American “chips”. I could purchase the DVDs of QI, since they’re not available in America.

I feel like I half-assed this one. My excuse is being tired from working 9 hours today and packing this week for my move.

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 4


Ten Interesting Facts About Yourself

This prompt is really difficult, as I don’t find myself very interesting. I could come up with 5 things were I hard pressed, but 10 is a bit much.

My first job was being a page in a public library when I was 16. Seven years later I moved up to part-time circ. I did that for two years, and then went back to paging for the four months I was back in my home state.

Despite my accounting degree and love of maths, I’ve known I wanted my career to be in the library field since I was in 9th grade. More impressive than interesting.

I know a little bit of Welsh. It was a self-taught thing. I knew more at one time, but since I don’t get to use it, I’ve forgotten most of what I knew. I plan on learning it again and using it more, even if it means having conversations in Welsh with myself.

I love bowling and often have to hold myself back from correcting people, as my father did with me. I have a difficult time bowling casually.

I’m a book hoarder. Sure, I enjoy reading, but I enjoy owning books even more.

I don’t like chocolate sauce. Chocolate bars, chocolate cake, and chocolate in cookies are fine, but I don’t like hot fudge on my ice cream, or the fudge drizzle on beverages.

I don’t eat frosting unless someone talks me into trying it and, by some miracle, it tastes ok.

I don’t add salt to my food. I also order my fries from McDonald’s with no salt. If I’m somewhere that has salt on their fries, I will wipe it off each one before eating it. There have been witnesses to this. We stopped using it in my house in 2008. Now when my parents and I go out to eat, most things taste too salty for us. My husband is trying to get me back into eating salt though.

I like my soda to be room temperature and mostly flat. If it’s room temperature, I can handle the fizz better, but if it’s chilled, the fizz has to be gone.

Like Scott Pilgrim with garlic bread, eggs are my favourite food. I could honestly eat them for every meal. Or just eat them all the time without even stopping. But then I’d get high cholesterol.

And that’s it. I hope y’all have more interesting facts about yourself than I do.

This is my last post of the challenge. It was fun while it lasted.

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3


Your First Love and First Kiss. If Separate, Discuss Both

Apologies to my husband, even though he’s already mostly aware.

I will cover the second part first.

My first kiss was a boy I met my second year of college. I signed up for a theatre class on a whim. I had already filled the required section on my degree audit, but I needed the credits to be eligible for my scholarship money. He, on the other hand, had signed up because he thought the class was something a little different than what it was.

On the first day of class, we had to act out a scene from every day life, no matter how boring it was. This is when he first caught my eye. All he did was sit in a chair and move his hand around. He had been acting out playing computer game. We had to perform 3 scenes with 1-2 partners through the semester. I was nervous because everyone around me already had their partners. When the instructor asked who didn’t have a partner, computer boy raised his hand. Things were rocky at first, but eventually I felt a different vibe from him. One day, he invited me to his dorm room to play a computer game that I had been very interested in trying. It ended up being not unlike a “Netflix and chill” scenario in retrospect. I was not used to anyone being interested in me, so I froze when he kissed me. It was awkward and I left shortly after. Luckily, we had already performed our scene!

We saw each other on and off over the next 2 years until he moved on to a college closer to his home. He died 3 years later. It hurt like no emotional pain I’d ever felt before. I had liked him a lot, more than any other male or female person, save one, but I don’t really think it was love.

So my first love…

…as it would turn out is the same one I now find myself married to. We sat next to each other in a music class our first semester of college, but I didn’t take an interest in him until the second semester of the second year. 4 years after that class, I found myself enamored, but kept my feelings to myself. I was afraid of ruining things, especially since it appeared to be one-sided. Instead, I tried to find someone else, but I would become annoyed with them before a relationship could happen. I later admitted to myself it was because they weren’t him. There came a time when I told myself I needed to give up for good and hooked up with a friend at a Halloween party. It is something that would’ve been better left undone. I felt that same annoyance after 2 months of dating and my breaking up with him caused me to lose a friend group I used to board game with a couple times each month. The only consolation was that the guy I had pined for harder than I really realised was finally a reality. I honestly never saw us being in a relationship a thing that would ever happen. To this day, I am still amazed. In the over year and a half that we’ve been married, I’ve never once felt the same negative feelings that I did towards all the rest. I think this is why the universe kept throwing us together for the 5-6 years it took us to be ready for each other. There was some heavy emotional bruising along the way, but I doubt I’d be happier spending  the rest of my life with anyone else. 

I heard a song on my way home today that, although it says 10 years and we’ve been married less than 2, I think the same things.

Sappy post is done. Thanks for staying with it!

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 2


Your Earliest Memory

My earliest memory is of me crying in someone’s arms. I think it was a woman’s arms. I assume it was either my mom or her mom. They were sitting in a chair that is no longer in my parents’ house. It was in the corner of the living room by the front door that is rarely ever used. I have no idea how old I was, but I assume younger than 1 year, based on the fact that I was cradled in a woman’s arms. I don’t know why I was crying, but I do remember gradually stopping and then blackness.

I’ll actually do my (I think) next earliest memory, in case this one doesn’t count for whatever reason. I was in the van of one of my preschool classmates. We were in the parking lot and he and I were being goofy. We eventually went to the same elementary, middle, and high schools, but we were not friends during any of that time. There was only being silly in the back seat of his mom’s van.

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 1


Five Problems With Social Media

Interesting that this is the prompt for today because there was a skit on Prairie Home Companion that I heard while on my way to work that centered around this same topic. I don’t know if I can come up with five, but here we go.

This is possibly the most obvious one and also a huge pet peeve of mine. Ignoring the person right in front of you. Or beside you. Or wherever the real life person who is spending time with you is, but you are more interested in interacting with those whose face you can’t see, voice you can’t hear, and body language you can’t read. 

Bullying is much easier. Used to be that home was a place you could be away from your less than friendly schoolmates. I had been bullied almost every day in elementary school. This makes me grateful that we didn’t have internet at home until I was in high school. Not that I had friends that I would have added to Myspace (the Facebook of my high school days). I was a lone wolf until 6th grade.

The “like button”. I’ve fallen victim to this myself. If two or three of my friends like something I have posted, I’m a happy person. If no one likes something I’ve posted and it’s something I thought was really good, then it makes me question if people like me. I know I shouldn’t be basing my self worth on something so trivial. Then again, I didn’t have that high of self esteem to begin with.

Addiction. Yet another thing I sometimes struggle with. That urge to check your notifications constantly, or to see if one of your friends has posted something in the last 5 minutes. I admit, there are 4 friends who’s profiles I will search just to see if they’ve been active and what interesting things they’ve shared. This is why I will sometimes take a hiatus of a month or more so I can break the habit.

Lack of privacy. So many people are putting way too much personal information out there. Simple as that.

Ok, so that wasn’t as difficult as I’d thought it would be. What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading!